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Feb 25 El Niño Home Protections Tips Thousand Oaks CA

Weather The El Niño Storms With Home Protections Tips

Prepare your home for El Niño with these tips! El Niño has brought extreme weather to the area. From torrential downpours to 85-degree winter weather, make sure you’re prepared for the El Niño season. Ensure that your home is protected with these tips to be El Niño ready. Conduct a home inspection. Be sure that Read More

Oct 21 El Nino Thousand Oaks CA

Be Prepared For El Niño!

El Niño is coming our way; are you ready? At this point—years into our California drought—rain seems like a foreign concept. It won’t for long though! Experts are predicting a very wet winter thanks largely to El Niño. Based on climate models and natural phenomena, they’re saying that this winter’s El Niño should be similar Read More

Jan 14 What Should You Know About Flood Insurance?

What Should You Know About Flood Insurance?

Flood Insurance Basics A big storm can have a huge, watery impact on your life and your home. You may not think you need flood insurance, but you never know what Mother Nature will decide to throw your way. Be prepared instead of betting that a flood will not hit your home. Here is some Read More

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