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Aug 12 College Student Renters Insurance

Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

How To Insure Your College Experience As you get ready to head off to college, you have a lot to do to prepare. You need to get textbooks for all of your classes, coordinate who is bringing what with your roommates, and pack up all of your belongings to take to school. With so much Read More

Aug 11

8 Tips for First Time Apartment Renters

Looking to rent an apartment for the first time? This is a big step that requires careful planning and consideration. Keep these 8 helpful tips in mind to make for a successful first renting experience: Apartment hunting has never been easier. Utilize the various online sources for apartment hunting and be sure to look at Read More

Oct 14

7 Times you Could Have Used Renters Insurance

A surprising number of people who rent either an apartment or a house do not have renter’s insurance. If you rent and are not covered by insurance, then you might be leaving yourself open to several large risks. Here are seven situations that could arise where you would seriously need renter’s insurance. When There’s a Read More

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