Nov 17 Fun Facts to Share at Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Turkey Trivia: Check Out These Fun Facts to Share at Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Check out these Thanksgiving fun facts!

It’s time to cook the turkey and invite the whole family over for a delicious meal. It’s time for Thanksgiving. Many of us know the story of the pilgrims and the Native Americans, but the holiday also comes with many little-known traditions. Improve your Thanksgiving knowledge with these fun facts! Check out these facts to share at your holiday table.

The Almost National Bird.

Our national bird is the bald eagle, but did you know that the turkey was also in the running? Ben Franklin was team turkey when it came to voting on the national bird. He felt that the turkey was a “more respectable bird” and therefore was a better symbol of the United States.

Abe Lincoln & Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the efforts of Sarah Josepha Hale, Thanksgiving became a nation holiday under President Abraham Lincoln. He declared a day of Thanksgiving to be observed on the last Thursday during the month of November. However, it wasn’t until the 1940s that Congress passed the motion to make it an official national holiday.

What’s in a Name?

Ever wonder how the turkey got its name? It’s no coincidence that it has the same name as the country in the Middle East. When the European explorers first came to the Americas, they stumbled upon a bird that tasted much like a guinea fowl imported by the Turks to Europe. They called the bird a turkey and the name has stuck ever since.

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