Oct 10

Protecting Your Business With Disaster Insurance Policies

Business owners have a responsibility to go above and beyond to protect their business. Without the proper insurance policies in place, you leave your business vulnerable to disaster and harm. While you may think that as a business owner you do not have to think about insurance for disasters, many organizations have experienced financial ruin after being hit with a major disaster. Forty nine structures were destroyed in the March 2014 Washington State Landslide. This revelation increases the importance of obtaining the right insurance for disasters now to protect your business from all possible perils.

  • Landslide Insurance: Experts recommend that everyone obtain landslide insurance protection, even if heavy rainfall is not a common weather condition of your location. There are a variety of factors that can cause a landslide, meaning you must safeguard your assets.
  • Earthquake Insurance: As a California business, you must obtain earthquake insurance. Earthquakes can hit at any given moment, stressing the importance of seeking this protection. Your earthquake insurance policy will allow you to rebuild and recover if a shake affects your business operations.
  • Flood Insurance: Without flood insurance, you leave your business vulnerable to financial ruin. Floods are notorious for leaving millions of dollars of damages in their wake. It is important for business owners to realize that flood insurance policies do not go into effect until 30 days after they are purchased.
  • Hurricane/Windstorm Insurance: Depending on the force of the winds, windstorms and hurricanes can leave hundreds to millions of dollars in damages. The uncertainty of these storms increases the importance of having this vital insurance policy.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This is one of the most important insurance policies a business can obtain, as it allows you time and money to rebuild and recover after a disaster. Without this insurance policy, your organization would be forced to survive without lost income coverage.

Contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks for all of your California business insurance needs. We will go above and beyond to safeguard your business from a variety of common perils.

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