Mar 7

Three Tips for Keeping Your Best — and Most Ambitious — Employees

How can a business keep its most valued employees satisfied and on the job? TLNT, gleaned these employee retention tips from some of the nation’s most intense and demanding industries:Group of business people.

1) Make longevity a factor in hiring. Face it, some high performance workers will be restless and move on to new challenges. If you want your investment in training to pay off over a number of years, look for applicants with resumes that show some long-term employment.

2) Hire for today and tomorrow. You may need someone to fill a present role, but the most effective employees want careers, not just jobs. When you add staff members, consider what they could bring to the business five or ten years down the line, and structure their roles accordingly.

3) Ask your employees what they need. Sometimes, the key to keeping a good employee is simply to ask. Let the staff member tell you what it will take to retain his or her services. This may take some negotiations, of course, based on your business strategy and capabilities.

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