Jan 20

Tips for Increasing Cargo Space While Traveling

Road trips and long distance traveling can evoke laughter and good times, but lack of space can make it challenging to enjoy the ride long-term. Maximize space in your vehicle by increasing your cargo space. Use the following options to make more room when traveling by car.

Roof Racks: Found in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all types of vehicles, removable roof racks can carry everything from suit cases and coolers to canoes and skis. To keep your items dry while traveling, cover them with a waterproof tarp and secure with bungee cords.

Hitch Racks: Hitch racks are installed on the back of vehicles to tow boats, bikes, and other large items. Unlike roof racks, hitch racks do not affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Tow-Behinds: If you need a sufficient amount of cargo space while traveling, consider investing in a tow-behind. These trailers can be found in both open and enclosed styles for complete flexibility. They are also more secure than exposed roof and hitch racks, deterring criminals from stealing your possessions.

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