Sep 11

Tips for Preventing Auto Theft

With auto theft on the rise in several different states, you may want to take the necessary precautions to keep your vehicle safe and where you parked it! Whether you have an older model vehicle or a top of the line newer model vehicle, contrary to popular belief, it can be stolen. Keep in mind that it’s more than what someone else has, so the proper precautions need to be taken. There are two primary details that you should keep in mind.

1. Make Sure It’s Locked

Preventing auto theft may seem simple and easy, but people’s vehicles are stolen because of simple things that they forget to do, such as locking the doors. Make sure that you lock all of your car doors and roll up all of the windows. If you have a sunroof, you need to make sure that you close this too. Don’t forget to take your keys with you!

2. NEVER Hide Your Keys

A lot of people think that they are being clever when they decide to hide a set of spare keys somewhere inside or even the outside of the car. This situation almost never works out for the best. You will forget where you have hidden your keys, but a thief knows exactly where to look for your “hidden” keys.

What Cars are Prone to Theft?

Newer model cars and cars that are flashy are more prone to theft. Red cars also have high reports of theft. Cars prone to theft vehicles that have shiny rims, a nice stereo system and features that factory vehicles do not have will definitely catch the eye of a thief.

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