Jun 17 Tips to Maintain a Seldom-Used Vehicle

Own A Seldom-Used Vehicle? Use These Maintenance Tips

Use This Guide To Care For Your Rarely Used Car

You know that cars require maintenance, but if you have a car that you seldom use, you may not be sure exactly how much care it requires or how often. To help with your car maintenance, here are a few tips to maintain a seldom-used vehicle.

  • Proper Preparation: Before you put your car into storage, give it a little TLC. Wash and wax it and ensure that the underside of the car is also cleaned to avoid rust. If you plan to store your car for more than a month, fill up the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Also, top off the brake and transmission fluids and engine coolant.
  • Storing Safely: Invest in a cover that securely fits over your vehicle to keep moisture out and protect your car from scratches. Stuff a little steel wool into the exhaust pipe and clean air intake to prevent small animals from taking up housing there. Connect your battery to a battery tender that has automatic shut-off or a trickle charger.
  • Road Ready: Undo the storage steps you took, particularly in regards to the battery and the steel wool, to get your car ready to head back on the road. Check the air tire pressure and inflate to the recommended psi.

Even if your car does not spend a lot of time on the road, it still deserves to be protected. In fact, comprehensive coverage to protect against theft and vandalism may be all the more important! To talk with an insurance expert who can help you get the right auto insurance policy based on your car’s usage, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Thousand Oaks and the surrounding California area, our dedicated team is here to help you protect your seldom-used vehicle.

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