Nov 20

Trees and Insurance: Are you Covered?

getty-medium-getty-3218-sb10068539n-001-jpgYou’re calmly sitting in your living room reading while there’s a storm howling outside.  Suddenly you hear a loud crash.  You run upstairs and see that the large oak tree in your yard has just been damaged by lightning.  One of the branches has broken off and gone through your roof and is now in the middle of your bedroom.   Don’t panic.  Your homeowner’s insurance will cover this.

Trees and insurance – many people don’t realize that most homeowners insurance policies will cover damage done by fallen trees.  Not only is your roof covered, but the room below it that has been damaged by rainwater may also be covered.  In addition, the damaged contents of your home could be covered as well.

Of course, all of this depends on whether or not you actually have homeowner’s insurance.  Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the damage done to the roof, any damage sustained by other rooms of the house and your damaged contents.  In addition, most will also pay for the removal of the damaged tree as well.

There are other things that may be covered as well.  Such as a shed, a fence, a gazebo, etc.  However, you’ll need to consult with your insurance company about the specific coverage’s for your home.

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