Nov 16 Unexpected Driving Skills Your Teen Driver Should Know

Unexpected Driving Skills Your Teen Driver Should Know

Teach your teen driver these skills so they’re ready for anything.

If your teen is learning how to drive, chances are they have only practiced under ideal driving conditions.  However, you know that there are many other driving situations that your child needs to be prepared for.  Make sure you child is ready for every driving situation they may encounter by teaching them these skills.

Night Driving

While your teen probably has experience driving during the day, they will also need to get around during the later hours.  Make sure your child knows how to handle the reduced visibility and bright headlights that characterize driving at night.

Bad Weather Driving

Additionally, your child should learn the skills that allow them to drive safety in the rain, snow, hail, and wind.  Make sure you take your child out for a driving lesson during unfavorable weather conditions so they can practice these skills.  Additionally, you should make sure your child knows which defensive driving strategies they should employ while they’re out in different weather conditions.

How to Navigate

In today’s day and age, most teens rely on their smart phones to navigate for them.  However, if your child is ever lost in an unfamiliar place and does not have cell service, then they could get stranded.  Make sure you avoid this scenario by teaching your child how to read a map.  Additionally, you should make sure they keep maps in their car for emergency situations.

Teach your kids these skills so they are prepared to handle any unexpected driving situations they might face.  For another way to keep your teen driver safe, make sure they have the insurance coverage they need.  To find the best policy to fit your needs, contact the experts at Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks, California.

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