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What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Many homeowners in flood-prone regions are aware that most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by floods, which is why homeowners should have flood insurance if floods are a threat in their region. Homeowners, however, do not always know what is covered by flood insurance and what is not; some wonder if there are additional risks left uncovered by their policy. Here is a brief explanation of what is covered by flood insurance.

The Floods

Most flood insurance policies cover all floods caused by nature. Whether an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami causes the flood, flood insurance will cover the damage caused by flooding. For instance, in a storm, it will not cover wind damage, but it will cover water damage.

The Property

Flood insurance generally covers the following items:

  • the home and foundation
  • plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems
  • large appliances
  • flooring and walls
  • removal of debris
  • most personal items

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and there are some important exceptions that are not usually covered, such as extremely valuable jewelry, septic systems and landscaping. To go over what any specific Thousand Oaks, CA area flood insurance policy covers and does not cover, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance. Their agents will make sure you understand your specific coverages.

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