Oct 18

What to Do At the Scene of a Car Accident

Whether you are involved in a car accident or are just a witness, it is important to know what to do after a car accident. If you are among the first witnesses after an accident has occurred, it is important that you stop and make sure the situation is under control, park your own car at the side of the road, and turn on your emergency flashers. If anyone is injured, 911 and the police should be called, and you should note as many details as you can think of in order to assure that the details of the accident are reported properly.

Anyone who is hurt badly should not be moved unless absolutely necessary. It is also helpful to take notes and pictures of the scene so you can provide accurate information in the event you are called in as a witness.

If you’re in the accident, you should take as many of those precautions as you can. The police, as well as your auto insurance provider will surely want to know what happened. A good auto insurance provider is always ready to work with those involved in an accident. If you’ve had trouble finding a policy that you’re comfortable with, Weeks & Associates Insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA can help. With a large catalog of insurance providers and policies available, we can help match you with the company and policy that best fits you. To learn more, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance today.

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