Dec 27

Winter Break Safety Tips for College Students

It is all too easy for college students to forget about protecting valuables left behind at school when they return home for winter break. Here are some memory-jogging tips.

1. Protect against freeze damage by closing up tight and leaving the heat on very low.

2. Guard against theft by making the place look occupied. Lights on a timer and closed curtains to preclude interior visibility help to maintain the lived-in look.

3. Lock doors and windows.

4. Arrange for collection of any regular deliveries so they don’t accumulate.

5. Have a friend check in regularly to inspect and to demonstrate ongoing traffic.

6. Remove and take home any highly valuable items to guard against their theft.

7. Photograph any valuables left behind, noting serial numbers and gathering purchase receipts. Store all these files safely or take them home in case of theft.

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