Jul 24 Yard Sales Liability Risks Thousand Oaks CA

Protecting Yourself From Yard Sales Liability Risks

How To Avoid Issues At Your Upcoming Yard Sale

As the weather gets hotter, so does yard sale season. More and more people are cleaning out their homes and turning to their community to help them unload items they no longer need. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? If you are thinking of jumping on board the yard sale train, you should know you could be exposing yourself since an injury at your yard sale could result in a lawsuit for you.

To help you cover your liability at your upcoming yard sale, here is a quick guide to minimizing your liability risks.

  • Rare Yard Sales: If you only hold a yard sale once or twice a year, your homeowners insurance will mostly likely cover your liability. Double check with your insurer, though, since the selling of items for profit does bring you into the territory of businesses.
  • Recurring Yard Sales: If you regularly hold yard sales, you should talk to your insurance provider about getting a business insurance policy. The recurring income from these sales constitutes an at-home business, and your homeowners insurance policy specifically excludes coverage for business risks.
  • Yards Sales For Charity: If you are holding your yard sale to fundraise, your existing homeowners insurance should offer the liability coverage you need. Again, it is a good idea to talk to your insurer to ensure your specific policy offers the specific protection you need.

Talking to your agent to ensure your yard sale is covered should be quick and easy. If you are not working with an agent who is offering you that kind of service, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Thousand Oaks and the surrounding California area, we are dedicated to protecting local homeowners and helping you get the peace of mind you deserve.

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