Jul 12

Your Guide to a Safe and Fun Summer

With the arrival of summer come backyard barbecues and pool parties. These are all great ways to have some fun, but it is important to stay safe. Here are some summer safety tips to keep you, your family and your friends safe and having fun this summer.

At the Backyard Barbeque

An often overlooked aspect of a backyard barbecue is grilling safety. An adult should be assigned to oversee the grill at all times, ensuring that the food is properly cooked and children are not running into it.

At the Pool Party

There are two primary aspects of pool safety that adults should be mindful of. First, children should be watched at all times, so no one drowns. That is the most important. Second, they should also be encouraged to walk slowly on the pool deck, to minimize falls that can result in bumped heads.

At Weeks & Associates Insurance Services, we hope you have a fun and safe summer. We also hope you will contact us, if you would like to make sure you are properly insured for an emergency. After all, no matter how many safety precautions people take, the risk of an emergency is never completely eliminated.

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